The Staff of Lyr.

This short three-foot staff was made by the sorcerer Lyr in the year 2145SA. It is made of Ironwood and inlaid with runes made of ebony. Lyr was an evil mage who attempted to dominate Pendaran by enslaving the heads of each city-state.

The staff has been used by a succession of Despots and evil mages. It's last owner, Salenor Ereni, lost the staff to Buckminster Fullerene who hid it on the elemental plain of Fire.


x4 Multiplier.
Can cast 50pp of spells per day from the Evil Arcane spell list 'Dark Entities' to level 50.
Can cast 50pp of spells per day from the Evil Arcane spell list 'Power Subversion' to level 50.
Can cast 50pp of spells per day from the Evil Arcane spell list 'Terror' to level 50.

The Thirteen Staves.

The Annan Council Staff The Mages Guild of the ancient Annan empire was ruled by a council of thirteen mages. Each had a staff of office which could cast a variety of spells and enhance their skills. After the fall of the empire, the staves spread across the world. In the year 2259SA six of the staves were recovered by the newly formed council when they attempted to bind the elder dragon Maelwyth. The staff of Ethaya Taleniver (4) was entombed with him, and is know in the hands of the wizard Oleg.

The staves are six feet long and made from two, inch thick lengths of wood (ironwood and oak) twisted together. It is capped each end with mithril and has a dragon skin grip.


General Powers

  • +2 on Knowedge Arcana & Spellcraft.
  • Detect Magic at will.
  • Charged Spells: Shield(1), Mage Armour(1)
  Class Spells
1 Illusionist Silence V (2), Tear Cloud I (1)
2 Conjurer Summon Monster 2
3 Diviner Invisiblesight (2), Vision Behind I (1)
4 Cleric of Phaedra Detect Enemies I (1), Prayer II (2)
5 Cleric of Orloth Holy Blast II (3)
6 Sorceror Master of Kind (2)
7 Illusionist Detect Illusion (2), Detect Invisible (2)
8 Abjurer Force Recall (2), Seeming II (2)
9 Necromancer Light I (1), Dark I (1), Firebolt (2)
10 Transmuter Fog (1), Unfog (1), Waterbolt (2)
11 Evoker Vision Behind V (3)
12 Sorceror Lightning Bolt (3), Shockbolt (1)
13 Enchanter Realm Armour I (2), Reverse Spells (2)

The values in brackets are the number of charges required to cast each spell.

The Dragonstaff.

The Dragonstaff The Dragonstaff was created by the Annan mage Jasper Tammelwood in 1544SA. It was used only once when Jasper attempted to defeat Naymakh in single combat. Jasper was fried to a crisp and the staff entered Naymakh's hoard until her death when it was recovered by the Lich Amarchus Solentis.

Powers: The staff is charged and can cast the following spells.

  • Lesser Fire Orb
  • Fire Orb
  • Fire Ball
  • Fly

The Staff of Skulls.

The Staff of Skulls The Staff of Skulls was created by mages in Al Jabar following the rise of the Hamats. It was used by the Sultan of Al Jabar during negotiations with the Hamats and his other neighbours. In 733TA it was stolen from the Sultan's treasure chamber by members of the Tulwar and has remained in their possession until lost by Zemiah ben Arshad in 999TA.

Powers: Each power can be used once per day.

  • Sleep
  • Charm Person
  • Suggestion
  • Hold Person


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