The Fallen Chronicle - Part 9

Deep Hollow, Velwyth. 18th March 1098TA - The Flight From Deep Hollow.

In the early hours of the next day, the party were woken by the Guides returning to the safe house. They have two large, strangely wrapped bundles in the back of a cart. Aurillian and an unknown Guide were fighting off masked attackers in the alley outside and Wisk ordered the party to help them get the bundles in to the house. The party complied but as they completed the task, the masked attackers scattered and ran. Aurillian chased after them and the unknown Guide ordered Wisk to flee the city.

They loaded the bodies back on to the cart and headed off to the nearest gate. Together they dealt with the guards in the gate towers and opened the gates, heading north out of the city. A short time later they saw parties of city guard leaving the city and spreading out across the countryside. The Guides asked the party to delay the guards heading their way and to meet up afterwards at an abandoned farmhouse. Hurriedly the party agreed a strategy but due to a misunderstanding Durban fireballed the guards, killing them all. Repercussions caused the rifts in the party to get bigger.

The party arrived at the Guide's abandoned farm. Owen asked what was going on, but Callum and Wisk would only tell them if they swore to help them in their current task. All but Jason agreed to help, saying that he would only help if the Guide’s plans aligned with the party's quest to defeat the goblin horde. Unable to come to a consensus, Jason left the farm to follow the clues left by his mentor. The party discovered that the Guides had recovered the bodies of the King and Queen. They were not dead, just in some form of suspended animation. The Guides planned to take the bodies to Griffany and to beg for help from the Queen's family. Durban raced after Jason and begged him to return to the farm and to help the Guides. He reluctantly agreed.

Velwyth. 21st March 1098TA - Escape to Griffany.

The Guides and the party set off to the south-west, skirting Deep Hollow and heading to Tanglewood and Griffany. Ten days south of Deep Hollow, Aurillian caught up with the party. Unwittingly he had allowed his masked assailants to track him and discover the location of the King and Queen. The following evening the party were attacked by a large force of thugs, led by a masked woman. While the party flexed their muscles and slew the unfortunate thugs, the woman manoeuvred behind them and magically teleported the royal bodies away.

Investigating the bodies revealed little information, but Jason's 'Speak With The Dead' gathered a little. The thugs were from a place called Howden Grange, a large farm owned by William Fellowes, Natasha Rawkland’s prospective father-in-law. The thugs didn't know who the mysterious woman was, but Silas Blackstock did. Different parts of the puzzle were slotting into place, linking the activities in Deep Hollow with the goblins and the Eldren.

Velwyth. 4th April 1098TA - Investigating Howden Grange.

While the Guides travelled to the city to conduct some investigations, the party set off for Howden Grange. They spent a little time in a local village before making a foray into the Grange's grounds. They found very little until they themselves were discovered by the family butler. The butler alerted George Fellowes who found Jason and Durban. Fellowes attacked Durban on sight, telling him that he had 'f**ked his sister and his girlfriend and now he's going to kill him'. He hurt Durban badly before the rest of the party kill him. Further searching of the house eventually revealed an underground shrine to the Chained One. The party left Howden Grange and set off for Deep Hollow.

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