Beaconsfield is another relatively new area of the city, built around 793 TA. It lies north of the New City, on the north bank of the River Dunne.

Beaconsfield is home to the old money, the families who have lived in Midwinter for centuries. Josiah Beacon conceived the idea for a new district in 745TA The Old Families had seen their traditional lands of Norn Hill being filled with houses belonging to the new merchant families. With help from the other Old Families he walled off a huge section of unclaimed land on the west bank of the Tooze. The Old Families then began to move themselves to Beaconsfield. The estates of richest Midwinter families lie within the walls.

The district is guarded by it's own privately run Guard, who keep it's tree-lined streets free of the riff-raff.

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