Underworld - PC Bios

Here are the player characters in the Underworld campaign.


Crow is a human Wizard.

Alexander Hemmings.

Alexander Hemmings is a Human Bard.

Ted Tucker.

Ted Tucker is a Halfling Rogue.

Amrod Earfalas.

Amrod is a half elf, a bastard child born of Ealmear. The circumstances of his birth was a series of un-happy events, un-like the majority of his siblings. Twenty years ago, his village was attacked by humans and his mother brutally raped during the incident. Despite the misgivings of her two sisters and mother, she decided to keep her unborn child and raise him as an elf along with his half brother Aladar (25) and half Sister Kellon(23). His stepfather Farrelon tried to treat him as his own for his mother's sake, but deep down Amrod always felt like an outsider and the least liked of the three.

Growing up, he had a hard time being accepted by his elven kindred as he was more clumsy and lacked the subtlety of other elves. He spent alot of time alone meditating for hours on end and learnt to focus his mind in such a way that he could enter into other people thoughts.

At 18 he decided to leave his village and discover his human side. Now in Midwinter, he feels like a foreigner and has taken to the underworld where he can hide his past and live in anonymity. He has not yet reached adulthood and is still trying to come to come to terms with both sides of his nature, the elven background being the more dominant. He is still wary of his human side. He believes his father may have come from Midwinter and wants to enter the thieves guild as a way of gaining information on his whereabouts. In addition he wants to learn how to steal so that he can start his own collection of fine arts. Stealing from humans isn't a problem to Amrod, he's sees it as taking back what was stolen from the elves over 20 years ago.

Dogstwo Cuffing.

As a boy of 7 Dogstwo's family was moving from the West towards Midwinter. The caravan they were in was ambushed and slaughtered by a bands of orcs. This left him with a great hatred of the orcish race. Left in the wilderness he wandered lost and confused, living like an animal for many years. This hardship brought his wild psychic talents to the fore when he had to learn how to evade wild animals and sometimes steal their kills. Eventuallly Dogstwo saw another caravan and followed it into Midwinter.

Arriving in Midwinter as a 14 year old Dogstwo tried to obtain help but was driven off by the well-to-do families or the city guards in the better class areas of the city. He naturally drifted into the poorest areas of the city where at least he could sleep in a doorway at night with someone trying to move him on. Over the next year he took to petty theft, using his psionic talent to help him slip into places unnoticed and steal things, usually to eat, sometimes to barter. When possible he would intimidate other boys into giving him things, food, coppers, information and the like. He was not your average bully as he was also prepared to take on boys both bigger and stronger than himself if they tried to move in on what he considered his territory. He did not always win but he gave a good account of himself and learned to evade their attacks even when they acted in groups. It is well known that any group unless well drilled is more a hinderance to its members than a help, they were reminded of this on several occassions by Dogstwo.

Having no-one to depend on Dogstwo was always scared and did not trust most of the people he met, though he tried to hide this behind bravado. He had no skills or family that would allow him to attain a legitimate apprentiship. He determined that his only way to gain some protection, better himself, and to assuage his loneliness was to join one of the numerous gangs in the area. As most of the gangs were pretty rough, even on their own members, he determined to try to join the Shadow Guild, which a least had a longer and more noble history than the others, from what he had picked up. To that end he sort information of where members of the guild frequented and tried to make their acquaintance.

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