The Old City Gangs.

Since the fall of the Shadow Guild in 1022TA the city's Underworld has been run by a number of crime gangs. Some of these are large group that rose out of the Shadow War while others are just a few years old.

The Shadow Guild.

The once mighty Shadow Guild is just a shadow of its former self. Where it once controlled crime across the city, it now only controls a small part of the Shambles. With its numbers dwindling as members flock to the other gangs, the Guildmaster struggles to defend his territory from the guild's enemies.

The Red Hand.

This is an old smuggling gang that was forced out of the city in the 850s by the Shadow Guild. The gang continued its operations along the western shores of the Dukeswater. With the weakening of the Shadow Guild in the 1020s they made a successful return to the Docklands where they still remain.

The Dockers.

Another Docklands gang, the Dockers control about a third of the Docklands. They are known for their savagery, specialising in violent crime. The local Watch are desperately trying to stamp out the gang, but so far to no avail.

The Scorpions.

The dominant gang in the Shambles, controlling most of the riverside access. The Scorpions are growing in number as members of other gangs flock to their banner.

Theo's Tigers.

A relatively new gang formed by an ex-Shadow Guild member. The Tigers hold a small part of north-west Shambles and are always tussling with the Shadow Guild.


After the civil war the merchant classes were purged by the government. Many ex-patriate Zalians who had gained work permits from the corrupt Amos Cressmar suddenly found themselves without a home as their businesses were seized and given to native Middians. With the destruction of Zale City and the ravaging of eastern Zale these Zalians slowly sank to the lower levels of society. Tel'Zadarass is an organisation of Zalians who have ganged together to protect the interests of fellow ex-pats.

The Bloodhawks.

This group runs aa few small time thieving operations, but its main operation is assassination.

The Brandy Boys

The Brandy Boys are based in the Applegate district. The gang has arisen since the Shadow War, but its name is taken from a gang that operated in Applegate centuries ago. The Brandy Boys are the biggest smuggler of alcohol drinks in the city.

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