The Shadow Keep Chronicle - Part 1

Everdale, Eldridge. 2nd April 1098TA - The Missing Mentor.

The five companions lived in the town of Everdale. Considered to be a part of Eldridge, the town was largely an autonomous entity, having little communication with the capital. The five younng adults had all been tutored by Davel Storn, a local historian and antiquarian. Some time ago he told his charges that he had bought a map of a dragon's grave and was heading off east to find it. A fortnight later and with no word from Davel, the companions set off into the wilds to find him.

They headed off for the village of Brynwell, far beyond the borders of Eldridge. The village was populated by hard-working, independant farmers ekeing out a living from the lawless lands around them. The village was prone to attacks from goblins and other evil monsters.

Brynwell, The Wilds. 10th April 1098TA - Arrival at Brynwell.

As they approached the village the party was attacked by a small gang of kobolds. They fought off the kobolds with ease and continued on to the village. They asked around for information of Davel and evetually discovered that he was last seen heading off south in search of a dragon's grave. They also had a meeting with the village leader, who employed the party to deal with the kobolds who had been attacking people on the roads and the outlying farms.

They set off again the next morning, taking the road south out of the village to the dragon's grave site. On the way they were attacked by a larger group of kobolds. This group of kobolds were better armed and organised and took the party longer to dispatch. They ransacked the bodies and continued on to the gravesite.

After a couple of hours they reached the site. In a large hole, they could see many uncovered bones and some men digging more up. On the far edge of the pit they could see two small drakes. In the middle was a gnome, overseeing the diggers. The gnome greeted the party when he saw them, inviting them down in to the pit. Sam was suspicious of the gnome and refused to go down at which point the gnome ordered his guard drakes to attack the party.

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