Vanlor is the most northerly of the kingdoms. It is a hereditary monarchy first established in 344TA by one of the royal Tamaraith clans the McMarrids. The country is an important trading centre for traffic between Pendaran and the Tamaraith Highlands.

The flag of Vanlor is a blue stag on a yellow field.


Government: Monarchy, King William McMarrid III
Population: 22,000 humans, 1,000 dwarves
Major Towns: Vanlor (capital), Palain, Lence, Hirren
Allied With: Eldridge, Andrea, Calador
Neutral To: Velwyth, Dabron, Kronda, Orla, Cambria, Zale, Midwinter, Hannor
Enemies With: Gorlas, Bosque, Larosh, Azoral
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