Cewyr'Cewyr', which means Slayer in Annan, is the spear of Erryn Surehand, that he used to kill the elder dragon Rothgar. The shaft is plain ironwood and the spearhead is made of meteoric iron. The metal used to forge the spearhead was taken from the two-handed sword 'Enydd'. A grip made from green dragon leather is placed two thirds down the shaft.

The location of the spear is unknown. Erryn's last journey, in 20TA, took him beyond the Wyrmsdown and into Starkwood Forest. He was never seen again and is presumed to have died there. The location of Cewyr is unknown.


Extended range, accurate up to 200'.
No range penalties.
Bane vs dragons.
Returns via teleport from any range.


FuryThe two-handed sword 'Fury' was forged from a meteor in the first age by the priests of Orloth for the champion Calidan. It was passed from champion to champion for centuries until Pendaran was ravaged by Brynaldilath and was taken for his hoard. When Brynaldilath was killed by Naymakh, Zastek and Rothgar, his hoard was thought lost. It was found by the Paladin Torvald in 1628SA and used by him during the wars in Tarnberyth. When he was killed by Rothgar, the dragon took 'Fury' for his hoard.

The sword was stolen by Raeth in 2261SA and a piece was re-forged to make the head of Erryn's spear, 'Cewyr'. The remaining sword was reworked to form a bastard sword.


+5, Bane vs Undead
x4 Multiplier for paladins and priests of Orloth.
Wielder is immune to fear, Co loss etc from undead.
Cast spell 'Holy Martyr' once per wielder. Special radius of 1 mile.
User can cast Haste twice a day and Bladeturn three times a day.

The Six Swords.

There were six blades crafted during the years 1200-1220SA, in the forges of Merrylyth and Barrennion. They were made to defend against the various enemies of the empire. They were enchanted against dragons, undead, goblins, giants, mages and demons. They gain in power when used with others of their kind.

On their own, the weapons are:

  • +1, Bane vs 'enemy'.
  • Detect 'enemy' within 100 miles.
  • Detect Magic in 20' radius.
  • Detect Good/Evil in 20' radius.

For each additional sword within a 50' radius the weapon effects increase thus:

  • +1 to Hit
  • Detect Good/Evil/Magic +10'.

If three swords are used in a 50' radius, they will do double damage. All six will cause the weapons to do triple damage. Starting with the third sword, the wielder can use the special ability (number of swords -1) times per day.

The six weapons are:

Annan Name Common Name Sex Class Mentality Power
Lathcewyr The Dragonslayer Male Fighter Obsessive, Fanatical Fly
Merethcewyr The Demonslayer Female Fighter Perfectionist, Heroism Fire Shield
Augcewyr The Goblinslayer Female Wizard Honourable, Promoter Nightvision
Craegcewyr The Giantslayer Male Psion Idealistic, Compulsive Strength
Gwarefcewyr The Mageslayer Female Sorceror Excitable, Adventurous Dispel Magic
Danncewyr The Deadslayer Male Priest Focused, Preserving Regenerate I

Each of the swords is highly intelligent and is imbued with the memories and ideals of an Annan hero upon their death.


Lathcewyr - The Dragonslayer Its history after the fall of the Empire is unknown but it found its way into the hands of Ethaya Taleniver, one of the Council of Thirteen. When he died in 47TA it was interred with him in the necropolis beneath the city of Deep Hollow where it remained until 998 TA when it was discovered. It is now in the hands of the ranger Sparrow.



Gwarefcewyr - The Mageslayer


Danncewyr - The Undeadslayer

The Seventh Sword.

The ManslayerUnknown to most scholars and only to the swords Gwarefcewyr and Augcewyr, a seventh sword was crafted. The blade was crafted to hold the essence of the great Warrior Mage, Jarax Thule. Jarax was mortally wounded in a battle against the undead legions of the lich, Caltia. Two alchemists were given the job of delivering the sword to Jarax's deathbed. The alchemists were captured by Caltia's undead and the Caltia poured his essence into the empty blade.

The Manslayer is a sword of great evil. It acts as a member of the sextet just as any other of the swords. Caltia's essence will try to control anyone who bears the sword. Caltia revels in destruction and the death of humanity.

  • Will: 98
  • Power: Create Undead I.
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