The Inner Sea, also known as the Mere Dennor, is the name given to the stretch of water that lies between the Miyath Straits in the west and the Misty Isles in the south-east. The sea is home to some the great trading nations of the north.

Midwinter is an old kingdom currently recovering from a bitter civil war. Much of its wealth is gained from its trade with the interior of the Tarnberyth continent.

Griffany lies on the north-east coast of the Kaylonna peninsula. The small country is largely protected from its Quarthen neighbours by a range of mountainous hills called the Denethar.

Aldannien, Angaval, Dunnach and Marranmyr are known as the Dragon Kingdoms because of their proximity to the Wyrmsdown to the east. These countries have also made alliances with the native dragons to varying extents.

Zale was once a rich trading nation but in 1022TA war with Midwinter and a massive dragon raid laid waste to the capital city and most of eastern Zale.

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