The Lyrast Commonwealth

The Lyrast Commonwealth is a collection of independant city states in western Kaylonna who have allied together for defence against the growing might of Jorvak and Quarthen. The idea of a Commonwealth was first touted in 783TA by the elven general Calabeth Lyrast but did not become a reality until the Quarthen invasion of Wessing in 825TA.

The initial members of the Commonwealth were Avornay, Elkhar, Lossthillion, Dunhail and Jaskalund. They were joined by Frome in 846TA and Ullmor in 878TA.

Government: Democratically elected government of ministers.
Population: 120,000
Major Towns: Nimross*, Bonette, Cobham, Dath, Edgerton, Derrin, Rudwick, Harton, Belverin*, Lare, Longley Taari, Hackworth, Marda, Jarani, Sylesta, Ebrar, Garido, Taridia, Taltha*
Allied With: Everast, Griffany
Neutral To: Nardyn
Enemies With: Jorvak, Quarthen


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