The Ivory Coast.

The Kingdoms of the Ivory Coast lie on Basoto’s western coast. This area is rich in natural resources – gold, ivory, hardwoods, herbs etc. and has been ruled by several racial groups who have sought to exploit its natural resources. For many thousands of years the dominant power was the dwarven nation of Karras’Lund until it mysteriously collapsed in 2145SA. Following the collapse a number of small countries came and went until an invasion of Shadow Elves conquered the local populations in 167TA. The Shadow Elves had ruled from their city of Tarratass for nearly seven centuries when in 842TA an uprising of the native peoples sacked Tarratass and overthrew their Shadow Elf rulers.

Following the fall of Tarratass old rivalries between the tribes, quashed by the Tarratians, bubbled to the surface and the area was at war for many years. The first kingdom to establish itself was Saganam, in 864TA, quickly followed by Duresh and Takkur in 872 and 875 respectively. After several more decades of war in the south, Kusumu was formed in 904TA. Finally, the jungle kingdom of Gunensi was formed in 918TA.

Many tribes were destroyed outright during the wars and many smaller ones have been completely assimilated into more dominant ones. On the surface the countries seem to be at peace, but beneath the surface the old tribal rivalries still exist.

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