Cambria is a large powerful nation, grown rich on the trade routes to Jehilla and Basoto. The country began life as a confederation of Tibryn clans. In the latter years of the Second Age, two clans grew to prominence, the Cambrii in the western lands and the Taran in the east. In 38TA, the two families intermarried when the last male member of the Taran line died in battle against the Horde. It has a large regular navy and army who defend it against Azoral and the Saith. Much of western Cambria was lost to the Saith during their expansions in 999TA. Over the next 10 years with the increasing aid of mages from Zale and Midwinter, the Cambrians reclaimed their lost western lands and successfully moved the border north into Azoral.

The Cambrian flag is split vertical, blue axe on white field/yellow sword on blue field.

Government: Monarchy, King Torvald
Population: 80,000 human
Major Towns: Cambria (capital), Cambeson, Debervale, Sedain, Enan, Laglene
Allied With: Eldridge, Gorlas, Calador, Orla, Kronda
Neutral To: Vanlor, Andrea, Larosh, Hannor, Dabron, Velwyth, Zale, Midwinter
Enemies With: Azoral, Bosque
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