Naymakh lived in the heart of Artheroth. She spent much of her time competing against Skoella for the attentions of Cadolyn and fighting Aracla’s attempts to expand west. The indigenous people of her lands were the Annan, a peaceful tribe of humans. While Naymakh’s attention was diverted, the Annan spread from Bryn Hir across Starkwood and south into the Tallisraan, building several great cities. At the time, they were the most advanced of the human people. After Cadolyn’s death, a distraught Naymakh returned to her lands and discovered the Annan’s rise to power. Enraged, Naymakh began the systematic destruction of the Annan people and their cities.

Unfortunately, Naymakh underestimated the power of the Annan and even though she succeeded in destroying their empire, she was sorely injured in the wars. It was at this time that Aracla turned west and slew the injured dragon. Naymakh was the tenth of the dragons to die.


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