The Third Age

The Third Age begins with the death of the last Elder Dragon.

12 The Lathwyn Oracles are written.
20 Erryn leaves for the east.
38 An alliance of Annan clans forms the country of Cambria.
47 The archmage Ethaya Taleniver is killed on the eve of his victory over the Horde
58 Merek Norn defeats the Horde and founds the city of Midwinter.
71 Zale is liberated from the Horde.
73 The Church of Orloth settles in the ruins of the Annan city Eldridge.
90 Raids/Brigands.
160 Internal War.
163 Calador is founded by followers of Erryn.
183 Earthquakes destroy most of the Stonelands.
224 Hannor is founded.
230 Raids/Brigands.
283 The first Saith Invasion.
310 Rebellion.
327 The Phaedra and Orloth church archives are gathered together in Westgate.
334 Larosh is founded.
344 Owen McMarrid creates the kingdom of Vanlor.
370 Foreign War.
421 The dragon Vermelliax awakes and attacks Gethen.
427 The orc warlord Jorgol Bloodhand conquers Gethen.
440 Natural Disaster/Plague.
446 Jorgol Bloodhand dies.
477 Kronda is formed around a series of deep water harbours.
490 Strong/Weak Ruler.
523 Angaval invades Arrenmoor.
527 The Master Bard Blannyn Tam dies.
540 Invasion.
549 Gorvan's Star, flooding of the Wildlands.
566 Emigrants from Berabor and Canarus settle in the Wildlands. The country of Gorlas is formed.
621 Fergus Malcobar invades Gorlas.
630 Orcs invade Rendor.
635 Second coming of the Horde.
640 Orla is formed after the defeat of the Horde.
663 Birth of the Peacemaker in the Vale of Erryn
690 Strong/Weak Ruler.
728 The last city of Rendor falls to the orcish hordes.
771 Second Saith Invasion. Hannor falls under the control of the Saith and becomes Bosque. They also form Azoral from the conquered Orlan lands.
773 The king of Larosh is deposed and falls under military control.
782 Birth of the Dark Knight, Addryn Thane.
825 Dabron is settled by miners. Quarth invades the kingdom of Wessing. The Lyrast Commonwealth is formed.
856 Rhonan Velwyth overthrows the government of Deep Hollow and institutes a monarchy.
896 Andrea is formed when Andrus, Prince of Gorlas, rebels against his father.
989 Thilas Baccan overthrows the Velwyth monarchy.
997 Thilas Baccan is overthrown and the Velwyth monarchy reinstated.
998 Slaying of Maelwyth.
999 Gorlas city is sacked by goblins. Addryn Thane turns the corpses of the dead into an undead army. The Hannor royal family is reinstated when the Saith are forced back.
1000 Fall of the Church of Orloth.
1003 Saith invade western Pendaran.
1022 Dragons devastate Zale. Civil War in Midwinter.
1031 The start of the five year heat wave, followed by ten years of cold weather.
1043 The Lich Vettori creates a vast horde of undead and massacres thousands of goblins in the Gethen Barrens and Athas Valley.
1048* Return of Gorvan's Star, fires in Ambledale.
1147* Third coming of the Horde.

* These dates are in the future and are foretold in the Lathwyn Oracles.

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