The Fallen Chronicle - Part 8

Under the Gaerdaen Mountains. February 1098TA - What Lies Beneath.

The journey through the underground was dangerous and it soon became apparent that the caverns and tunnels had been infiltrated by goblins. They found that the dwarven outposts had been overrun and the dwarves slain. They hustled on and a week later they arrived at the large underground lake, the midpoint of their journey.

They repaired a dwarven boat they found at the lakeside outpost and set off across the water. Following an attack by a large aquatic predator and a brief stop on the island in the centre of the lake they arrived on the other side a few days later. Again the dwarven outpost has been attacked and sacked. They hustled onwards in the hope they could catch the goblin invaders.

Three days later, as they approached the next dwarven outpost, they heard the sounds of a battle ahead. They came across a large force of goblins attacking the dwarves. They attacked the goblins from the rear, killing many of them and driving the remainder back into the tunnels. Alais identified the goblins as both local and foreign tribes. They made sure the dwarves were comfortable before heading into the tunnels to track down the remaining goblins.

Despite their best efforts they were unable to catch the goblins. The goblins were better suited to the underground. They slowed their pace and continued on to the western end of the tunnels, overcoming several ambushes from goblins lying in wait for them.

The Gaerdaen Mountains. 2nd March 1098TA - The Dwarves of Kiloth and Beyond the Mountains.

Four days later they arrived at the dwarven fortress of Kiloth and found that the doors had been forced open and a battle was raging within. They entered the fortress and found the dwarves battling against goblin invaders. The party joined the battle, fighting through the complex until they found the remaining dwarven forces defending the outside entrance. The dwarves were surrounded, being attacked from goblins outside and from goblins that had entered from the underground. Together with the remaining dwarves, the party defeated the goblins and stopped the two goblin forces from joining together.

They left the dwarven fortress and found themselves west of the mountains and about 200 miles north of Deep Hollow. They moved south, slowly moving into inhabited lands. They came across patrols of soldiers trying to guard the country’s borders. The country was in a state of war; the goblins had completely conquered the Wall, but had yet to progress further west.

Deep Hollow, Velwyth. 10th March 1098TA. Death and Deceit in Deep Hollow.

As the party reached Deep Hollow they were refused entry due to an incident in the city. After a day’s wait the city was finally opened. They asked the guards what happened and they were told that the King and Queen were dead, killed in a conflagration caused by goblin insurgents.

The party entered the city, past the vigilant guards who were searching everyone and obviously looking for something or someone. They made their way to the hostel owned by Samuel Inglass but before they could enter they were stopped by a cloaked figure who told them “Come with me if you want to live”.

They followed the cloaked figure into the back streets of the city. It turned out to the Guide Wisk. He took them to a safe-house where two other Guides (Callum and Aurillian) were hiding. Wisk told the party that Inglass had disappeared, as had several other Guides in the city. It was not safe for Guides or Guide sympathisers to travel around the city. Wisk, Callum, Alais and Aurillian ordered the party to leave Deep Hollow and then went into the city on business of their own.

Deep Hollow, Velwyth. Mid March 1098TA. Searching For Clues.

The party decided to stay and conduct some investigations themselves. Durban had dinner with his old master, Vermont Rawkland. He discovered his old flame, Natasha, was engaged to George Fellowes, an up and coming middle-class merchant. Durban and George conducted a verbal duel throughout the meal, much to the amusement of Vermont. As the dinner went on Durban realised that Vermont’s younger daughter, Rowena, was attracted to him. As the dinner came to a close, a drunken Durban was seduced by Rowena. Despite his protestations of love for Carley Farroth, he succumbed to her charms and spent the night with her.

Meanwhile, Jason made arrangements to meet with his old church tutor Merrel Harvorn. They agreed to meet at a public park, but his master was attacked and fatally stabbed on his way to the rendezvous. They retrieved a bloodstained note from his pocket, Harvorn’s last half-finished communication to Jason.

The Blood-Stained Letter.

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