House Rules

The World of Gwelith has some major differences to the core D&D rules. The most significant are a completely new pantheon of Gods, (see the Religion section), a new system of Inner and Outer planes (see the Multiverse).

Identifying Magic Items.

Apart from such spells as Legend Lore and Identify, poweful adventureers may be able to identify magical items through experience and knowledge alone.

  • Potions - Craft(Alchemy) or Knowledge Arcana.
  • Wands/Rods/Staves/Rings/Wondrous Items/Scrolls - Knowledge Arcana.
  • Armour - Craft(Armoursmithing) or Knowledge Arcana.
  • Weapons - Craft(Weaponsmithing) or Knowledge Arcana.
  • A Bard can also use his Bardic Knowledge skill in place of any skill.

The DC of the check is 20 + Item Creater's Level.


  • A +1 magic sword has a DC of 21.
  • A Frostbrand sword has a DC of 36.
  • A Potion of Cure Light Wounds has a DC of 21.
  • A Ring of 3 Wishes has a DC of 35.


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