Druwyn the Hunter.

Druwyn was a famous ranger who roamed the northern lands. He is famed for tracking the dragon Aracla to her lair and slaying her with a magical arrow. In doing so, he ended the domination of the elder dragons in the Wildlands.


Deep in the Wyrmsdown is the small hamlet of Ahldenvir. It marks the site of Druwyn the Hunter's death. For five years following the death of Aracla, Druwyn continued a crusade against the dragon spawn in the Wildlands. Druwyn built up a large retinue of rangers and mages who helped him with his crusade. In the summer of 2238SA Druwyn and his retinue were tracking a group of fire dragons when they were attacked by the Elder Dragon Maelwyth.

The battle raged and one by one Druwyn's companions fell to the Elder Dragon. In the end, only Druwyn still stood against Maelwyth, firing his Dragonbone bow at Maelwyth, until he had one arrow left. Realising defeat was near at hand, Druwyn called out to his patron, Gwrien, for help. "Gwrien, lyr may yula thayn." (Gwrien, send me your aid). Druwyn fired his last arrow into the air and prepared himself for death. The only person to survive the battle was a ranger named Corren. His words tell of the events after Druwyn fired his last arrow into the air.

"Through the blood stinging my eyes I saw Druwyn call out to Gwrien and launch his last arrow. I watched the shaft rise higher and higher into the air. Then higher, unbelievably higher than should have been possible. With my own eyes I saw the arrow pierce the cloud layer. There followed the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard. The clouds began to boil and darken in colour. The land all around became shrouded in darkness and a silence settled over the battlefield. I then felt a light breeze ruffle the hair on my head. The wind grew stronger and stronger, through the darkness I could see a vast column of churning air over the spot where Druwyn had been standing. As the wind grew stronger, I was forced to hide my face from the dust kicked up from the storm. Suddenly there was another clap of thunder and the wind stopped. I raised my head to see that the sky was once again cloudless. I looked around, Maelwyth was gone! I crawled to where I had last seen Druwyn and he too was gone, all except for a single arrow sticking up from the ground."

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