The First Age

The First Age charts the rise of the first empires. It begins when the gods leave Gwelith for the higher planes and ends with the crowning of the first Annan Emperor.

Hesburr steals Archus Ring and attempts to free the Lost Gods. Ethyrion and Zaw are able to break free before Phaedra, Orloth, Nyssa and Ramis seal the rift again. Ethyrion steals the ring from Hesburr and flees to Gwelith.
Ethyrion gives the Archus Ring to Tammerlin, a Sammatic chieftain.
Tammerlin masters the Essence Flows and becomes the first human wizard.
Phaedra, Orloth and Nyssa capture Ethyrion and banish him from Gwelith.
The Sammat, chosen people of Phaedra, build the city of Mallion. The golden age of the Sammat begins.
Zaw appears as Phaedra to Semral Tarrelis, leader of the Zebayn people. The corruption of the Zebayn begins.
Chardon Malltrith, a Sammatic mage, discovers Tammerlin's original research. He rediscovers the lost Arcane magic.
The Sammat's use of Arcane magic causes fierce spellstorms which weaken the wards on the Rift. Balor manages to escape the Rift, causing a backlash of force across Gwelith and killing and disabling many mages. The decline of the Sammat begins.
Zaw meets with Balor and pledges the Zebayn to his cause. Balor warps the Zebayn to create the goblins and the trolls. He leads them against the Sammat.
The Sammat Empire is overwhelmed by the Goblins. Balor destroys Mallion and the lands around it.The Greater Gods join forces against Balor. Zaw betrays Balor, leading him into a trap set by the greater Gods. Balor is returned to the Rift. The demon lord Kervesh, one of Balor's lieutenants, flees with the remaining goblins to Cadvarok.
Zaw and Hesburr complete the Long Night spell.
Calidan is born.
Zaw betrays Hesburr and gives the secret of the Long Night to Phaedra.
Phaedra ends the Long Night. Calidan's forces defeat Hesburr's army of Undead.
Freed from the Long Night, the Annan begin to expand westwards from their homeland.
After centuries of breeding, the goblins burst forth from the Mountains of Cadvarok. The peaceful Lutaari of Ambledale are no match for the goblins and flee.
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