Wondrous Items .

Turan's Grail .

Turan was an Annan alchemist who created this magical healing cup. The grail is a large ornate gold and silver bowl. Around the edge are four large egg-sized rubies Each of the rubies is detachable and are magical in their own right. Together, the five parts were gained more power and were able to restore life to any dead being.

This ability angered the church of Orloth, who believed that only Orloth and his priests could resurrect the dead. In the year 2112SA, the church ordered four paladins to find and destroy the Grail and kill Turan. Turan was duly killed, but the paladins were unable to destroy the Grail. Instead it was dismantled and each of the Paladins kept one of the gems and the Grail was hidden away in the vaults of the temple in Eldridge.

The Grail disappeared from sight until the year 998TA, when the undead Paladin Addryn Thane was able to recover the parts of the Grail in his attempt to free the elder dragon Maelwyth. The Grail was recovered by Buckminster Fullerene and his companions and dismantled again. The rubies were kept by Fullerene and his companions and the Grail was hidden on the elemental plain of fire.


Ruby 1: Casts 'Cure Critical Wounds' 4 x day.
Ruby 2: Casts 'Remove Disease' 5 x day.
Ruby 3: Casts 'Restoration' 4 x day.
Ruby 4: Casts 'Bless' ten times a day.
The Cup: Casts 'Regeneration' 2 x day.
The Whole Grail: Water from the grail casts 'Raise Dead' 1 x week.

The Dreamglass.

This Annan artifact is comprised of a six inch oval gem made of a strange opaque reddish glass. It is set into an oval disc of mithril. Carved on the back are the Annan words 'Den lotherann wir sonn an kelin' - In dreams we see the truth. It was crafted around 270SA in the city of Camnoss by the seer Ragamund. He used it many times to predict the future of the city. When he saw his own death in a vision, he threw the gem into the ocean. Some years later it was found in the drift net of a Camnossian fisherman. He used it to his advantage and grew in wealth and power. Enemies hired assassins to kill the upstart fisherman and the Dreamglass was taken the cities merchants. The Dreamglass has changed hands many times, always in violent circumstance. The last known owner, Ahna Ovnu, disappeared when her ship went down in 2048 SA

The Dreamglass should be held in both hands and the topic of the dream must be formed in the mind. The user will fall in a deep sleep for two to three hours, during which they cannot be woken. There is a 50% chance that the user will have a dream concerning the chosen topic, otherwise the user will have 1-4 random dreams concerning future events. The dreams are often (50%) symbolic and always deeply disturbing.


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