A plutocracy founded in 477TA, the city of Kronda was built around a series of deep harbours which provide excellent anchorage for the merchant's extensive fleet. Kronda is famous for it's shipyards which produce the finest ships in the west. Kronda also has a famous naval academy which has trained some of the most famous captains in naval history.

Kronda's standard is a red ship on a light blue field.

Government: Plutocracy, ruled by council of merchants.
Population: 35,000 human
Major Towns: Kronda (capital), Methane, Yenon
Allied With: Eldridge, Gorlas, Larosh, Cambria
Neutral To: Vanlor, Andrea, Hannor, Calador, Dabron, Velwyth, Orla, Zale, Midwinter
Enemies With: Azoral, Bosque
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