Hannor was originally founded in 224TA, but was invaded by the Saith in 771TA. When the Saith expansions of 999TA were turned back by the forces of Larosh and Calador, the Hannorian royal family left it's exile in Larosh to gain control of some of it's ancestral lands.

Hannor's banner is a white unicorn on a blue field.


Government: Monarchy, Queen Terrin
Population: 10, 000 human
Major Towns: Hannor (capital), Bornolf, Bonnor, Bralin
Allied With: Larosh, Calador
Neutral To: Andrea, Vanlor, Eldridge, Gorlas, Kronda, Dabron, Orla, Cambria, Zale, Midwinter, Velwyth
Enemies With: Azoral, Bosque
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