Aracla held dominion over Ambledale and the goblin homelands north of Balor's Ruin. She was selective in her destructive activities. She was known to let the humans gather together in towns. As far as she was concerned, the more humans that bred together the more available the food was for her and her offspring.

Aracla was responsible for the death of the dragon Naymakh. She waited until Naymakh had destroyed the Annan and attacked the wounded and weary dragon. Slaying her in a titanic battle. Unknown to Aracla, the battle was watched by Druwyn the Hunter. Druwyn was able to discover Aracla’s weak spot, a patch on the sole of her foot. Druwyn asked the mage Astiron to construct him a magical long bow. Astiron took ivory from Naymakh’s horns and crafted a magical bow and 60 arrows. Druwyn took the bow and waited for a suitable time to make his shot, Druwyn loosed his arrow at the sole of Aracla’s foot. It pierced her foot, slaying her instantly. Aracla was the eleventh of the elder dragons to die.


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