A relatively new monarchy founded in 856 TA . Deep Hollow, the capital, was an independent city state ruled by a council of powerful merchants. The merchants were overthrown by Rhonan Velwyth with the support of the cities trade guilds. The Velwyths proved to be able rulers and despite its remote location, Deep Hollow has prospered. Velwyth's symbol is a white tower on a blue field.

Deep Hollow itself grew up around an ancient Annan building called the Ivory Tower. The tower dominates the city's skyline and can be seen for miles around. It sits on an artificial island within the river Tooze. The city grew up around it, at first just a settlement for hunters and trappers but it soon grew to be a waypoint for caravans and river traffic travelling along the river.

In 989 TA Thilas Baccan, one of the Dark Knight Addryn Thane's most successful henchmen, successfully deposed the ruling Velwyth family of Deep Hollow and began a reign of oppression that was to last for eight years. A group of freedom fighters led by the heroes Sparrow and Buckminster Fullerene killed Baccan 997TA and the last monarch Aden resumed control and his descendants have ruled ever since.

The current king, Corvallis , is only 21 years old and assumed the throne 15 years ago following the untimely death of his father Allanon III. He is married to 23 year old Beatrice, a princess from the neighbouring country of Griffany.

Velwyth straddles the river Tooze in the eastern part of Tanglewood Forest . Its lands stretch eastwards through the Whitewater Valley into the Wyrmdowns beyond. Velwyth is a swathe of land about 500 miles east to west and about 100 miles north to south. Bordered by Tanglewood to the west, the hills and mountains of the Lythdaen to the south, the Gaerdaen to the north and the Wyrmdowns to the east. Deep Hollow, the capital, lies near the forest in the west.

The country is divided into 6 counties: Rourke, Waverly, Reesford, Learwood, Sutherland and Morland. Technically Deep Hollow itself controls a large area of land but is not considered to be a county. Each of the 6 counties is overseen by a Duke appointed by the ruling Monarch. These positions, while not hereditary, are for life. Only the ruling monarch can appoint a new Duke or revoke the position of an existing Duke.

A vast wall, known locally as Garron's Folly, spans a narrow part of the valley and cuts off the western counties from the Wyrmsdown to the east. Sutherland and Moorland lie beyond the wall. Garron Velwyth, the son of Aden Velwyth, ordered the construction of the wall in 1005TA and it was finished in 1010TA. It was built as a protection against future Horde attacks, but after about 25 years the country had expanded well east of the wall and it was virtually abandoned. The massive gates have not been closed in 50 years and only a token force defends its walls.

Government: Monarchy, King Corvallis
Population: 25,000 human, 2,000 elf
Major Towns: Deep Hollow (capital), Evenstar, Feyryn
Allied With: Larosh, Calador, Dabron
Neutral To: Eldridge, Vanlor, Andrea, Gorlas, Kronda, Orla, Cambria, Zale, Midwinter, Hannor
Enemies With: Bosque, Azoral


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