Gwelith's history is divided into several 'Ages'.

The Creation, Gwrien's battle with the Dragon, the birth of the Greater Gods and the creation of Gwelith itself.

The Age of Legends, Little is known of Gwelith's early history. The age begins when Gwrien creates the world and gives it to the Greater Gods. It sees the birth of the Firstborn, the creation of the intelligent races, the reopening of the Chaos Rift and the return of the Lost Gods.

The First Age, The First Age charts the rise of the first human and elven empires, Balor's creation of the Elder Dragons and his banishment back into the Rift.

The Second Age, The Second Age begins with the death of the first Elder Dragon, Brynaldilath. It sees the rise and fall of the Annan and Taurean empires. The latter years see the birth of the Heroes destined to become the Lesser Gods. It ends with the death of the last Elder Dragon, Rothgar.

The Third Age, The current age is the Third Age. The Elder Dragons are dead or gone and civilisations are rebuilding themselves. It sees several invasions by the Horde, the Saith invasions and in the latter years, the Dark Knight, Addryn Thane.

The current campaign year 1045 of the Third Age.

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