Midwinter's Government

Following the Civil War of 1021/1022TA the Guild and Merchant's councils were abolished, and Midwinter's government reverted to it's traditional Council of Lords. According to its Charter, any member of an Old Family may sit on the council but traditionally only the twenty most powerful families regularly sit. Every ten years a review takes place and The List of families is revised. Upon the death or resignation of a member, the next ranking member of The List is chosen. The List has become an important social document within the Old Family circles.

As of 01/01/1040, the Council of Lords is made up of the following families:-

Horneagle Hawkwind Redspear Heartstar
Scarblade Darkwolf Woolford Blackwood
Greyskull Stonelake Northhammer Brightwind
Bloodsea Bloodring Bloodarrow Longwolf
Dawnstar Hornglass Fallstar Broadmoon

The High Council.

The High Council only meets four times a year, at midsummer, midwinter and each equinox. They can also be called if some emergency warrants another meeting. The High council consists of four representatives of the Council of Lords, the head of the Wizard’s Guild, the Lord Marshal, the Lord Admiral and the heads of the Phaedran and Orlothian churches.

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