Midwinter is a large country lying on the southern coast of the Tarnberyth peninsula.It is home to a wide variety of people from very different walks of life, a truly cosmopolitan place. The country is dominated by the city of Midwinter, political and economic centre of the country. Click on an area of the map below to see details of the different areas of the country or the links below to see information about the city.

The City section holds information about the different districts of the city and common sights found in them.

The History section contains a potted history of the City.

Nobility will tell you about the ruling elite of Midwinter.

Law and Order describes the cities government and policing systems.

Those who follow the gods should head to the Religion section.

Mages should check out the Magic section to find out about Midwinter's magical organisations.

The Military section contains information for mercenaries and fighters seeking employment in the city.

The Underworld section describes the city's underworld and organised crime.

The Trade section has information about merchants and business in Midwinter.

The Organisations section contains information on other organisations in the city

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