The Academical Society

The Academical society itself is one of the richest and most powerful guilds in the city. The Society began life as a “gentleman’s club”, a place for mages to join together for conversation and fine refreshments. In recent years, following its entry onto the Guild Council, the Society has expanded its facilities to match those of the finest guilds in Midwinter. Membership of the Guild is a costly thing and generally only the upper and middle classes can afford to be a member.That said, the Guild is well equipped and has some of the most extensive libraries in the New Kingdoms. Mages who bear a Guild pin are seldom without work.


The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is the ruling body of the Guild. They are amongst the most powerful mages in the known world. The Inner Circle consists of the Archmage, head of the guild, and eight Magisters. The Magisters are the most senior Seeker, Examiner, Archivist, Crafter and Teacher with the three most senior Senior Members. The Archmage is the most senior mage in the society. Magisters are voted into office by members of their respective groups. The Archmage serves for life while the Magisters serve for one year.

Archmage Alora Hentazzo In her early fifties, Alora is small boned with fine features and is 5' 4" feet tall. She has long, grey hair, tied in the back. Her eyes are brown. She has an Eye patch over her left eye. She is a powerful Wizard.
Magister Karl Bluewater He is a heavily built man and is 5' 10 " tall. His hair is black, long and straight and he wears it unbound. He has blue eyes. He is a powerful Wizard and is the senior Teacher.
Magister Lyrnal Rynael He is a young looking elf of medium build and is 5' 10" tall. His hair is grey, moderate in length and curly. He has blue eyes. He is a Sorcerer.
Magister Alleth Shadowsky Alleth is in her early fifties and is of medium build and is 4' 11" feet tall. Her hair is blond, long, straight and unbound. She has brown eyes. She is a powerful Sorceror and the senior Examiner.
Magister Zella Talardas Zella is in her late forties. She is of medium build and is 6' 1" feet tall. Her hair is brown, short and curly. Her eyes are brown. She is a Wizard and the Senior Archivist.
Magister Corwa Malbyr Corwa is a Tamaraith trained Bard in her mid thirties. She is of medium build and is 5' 9" feet tall. Her hair is blond, short and straight. Her eyes are brown. Corwa is a powerful Bard.
Magister Belbyr Blademoon Belbyr is an old man in his early seventies. He is heavily built and is 5' 8 " tall. His hair is white and thin. His eyes are green. Belbyr is a Wizard and the most senior Crafter.
Magister Bandor Alfaren Bandor is in his mid-sixties, small boned with fine features and is 6' 2" tall. His hair is grey, short and curly. His eyes are green. On his left hand is a tattoo of the three moons. Bandor is a Wizard.
Magister Meddry Shadowblade Meddry is a Highlander in his late forties. He is small boned with fine features and stands 5' 11" tall. His hair is brown, moderate in length and curly. His eyes are brown. Meddry is a Hexblade and the senior Seeker.


Joining The Midwinter Mage's Guild.

Joining the society costs as initial fee of 250gp, plus an additional monthly fee. An Examiner tests prospective members in their magical skills. Advancing in rank costs an additional 500gp and another examination. Training can be gained in Knowledge skills, Spells and Crafts skills where they have a magical use. See the table below for training costs and other fees.

When a member becomes a Senior Member, they are eligible for several internal ranks. Examiners are required to test members joining or increasing ranks. Archivists work in the libraries, caring for the Society’s collection and cataloguing new works. Crafters work in the laboratories making minor items and potions as well as overseeing the laboratories and their contents. Seekers perform a dual role, firstly they are the Guild’s law enforcement arms and secondly they are the Guild’s “collectors”, responsible for finding unusual ingredients etc. The last rank is the Teachers; they are responsible for training of members.       

Monthly Dues
Guild Pin
Novice 5gp Skills @ +5 Access to spells of level 1 & 2. +1 Spellcraft
Apprentice 10gp Skills @ +10 Outer Library access, access to spells of level 3 -5. +2 Spellcraft
Full Member 25gp Skills @ +15 Laboratory access. +3 Spellcraft
Master 50gp Skills @ +20 Inner Library access. +4 Spellcraft
Inner Circle 100gp      
Examiner None   Free library access. Wage of 50gp/month.  
Teacher None Teaching skill @ +60 Free library access. Wage of 50gp/month.  
Crafter None 2 x Craft skills @ +10 Free laboratory access. Wage of 50gp/month.  
Seeker None   Free library access. Wage of 10gp/day when on business.  
Archivist None +10 Decipher Script Free library access. Wage of 50gp/month.  

* Required skills are Knowledge(Arcana) and Spellcraft.

Skills 1gp/rank gained
Spells 1gp/rank gained
Library Access 1gp/hour
Laboratory Access 2gp/hour plus materials.
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