The Principality of Andrea was once part of neighbouring Gorlas. Following a civil war in 896 TA the Crown Prince of Gorlas, Andrus, captured the northern marches of Gorlas. He renamed the lands Andrea and declared himself as king. Andrea is closely allied with Eldridge who give protection against repeated attempts by Gorlas to recapture the lands.

The flag of Andrea is a Red Gryphon on a black field.

Government: Monarchy, King Andreus V
Population: 15,000, human
Major Towns: Tallea (capital), Kerri, Aster
Allied With: Eldridge, Vanlor, Larosh
Neutral To: Calador, Velwyth, Dabron, Kronda, Orla, Cambria, Zale, Midwinter, Hannor
Enemies With: Gorlas, Bosque, Azoral


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