Eldridge is a Theocracy situated in the far north between Vanlor and Gorlas. Founded in 73TA, Eldridge is the seat of the Church of Orloth. The Speaker, head of the church, is also head of the country's ruling council. The city is built around the ruins of an ancient Annan city. Only a few buildings in the old quarter still exist. One of Eldridge's major exports are the finest quality armour and weapons. This is largely due to the fact that Eldridge is responsible for training of the Paladins of Orloth and Phaedra.

The country's symbol is a white skull on a black field.

Government: Theocracy, Speaker Gwedoc Gorvan
Population: 60,000, human
Major Towns: Eldridge (capital), Everdale, Ekkassien, Vael, Tremorn
Allied With: Vanlor, Andrea, Calador, Kronda, Orla, Cambria
Neutral To: Larosh, Velwyth, Dabron, Azoral, Hannor
Enemies With: Gorlas, Bosque, Zale, Midwinter
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