The Annan

The Annan Empire began with the crowning of Sarryn I in 1836FA. Rising from the ashes of the Sammat and the Goblin Horde the Annan conquered much of northern Artheroth.

Despite several periods of civil war, stagnation and near annihalation the empire ruled most of northern Gwelith for over 2000 years. Only the Elder Dragon Naymakh's systematic campaign of destruction bought the empire to it's knees.

As a cohesive people, the Annan no longer exist, They were technologically and magically advanced. Tombs to Annan heroes are scattered all across the northern parts of the Wildlands. Pure bred Anna still exist in isolated parts and among the royal family of Bryn Hir.

Most of the magical lore practiced today comes from the Annan. Many magical and historical tomes are written in the language, which is still taught today in many schools and wizarding enclaves.

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