Welcome to the World of Gwelith

The World of Gwelith is home to my ongoing fantasy roleplaying campaigns.

What's New

02/08/2008 - New Images in the Gallery. New Images have been added to the 3D Galleries.

14/07/2008 - Campaign Chronicles Updated. A campaign chronicle for The Fallen has been updated and a new section for The Shadow Keep has been added.

17/06/2008 - Mini Campaign 'The Shadow Keep' Begins. A new mini campaign - The Shadow Keep - begins. Contemporary with 'The Fallen' it details events in the west of the continent that will have an effect on events around Velwyth.

10/06/2008 - 'The Fallen' Takes a Break. 'The Fallen' takes a break for a few weeks while we test the new 4th edition D&D rules.

05/09/2006 - New Campaign 'The Fallen' Begins. A new Campaign - The Fallen - begins. Set fifty years after the events in the Underworld campaign, it begins on the eastern borders of Velwyth where western civilisation meets the Wyrmdowns. In the quiet farming community of Malham, the peace is shattererd by the appearance of a half-man half-wolf aberration.

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